Poem 1
Poem 2

In the land of uncertainty

When the hope of securing a prosperous life failed
When the trust placed on recruiters crushed
Where dictatorial attitude of the whites and a few blacks
Instilled fear in the hearts and minds of the poor
Where whips were the only reply
If one tried to question their authority
When rain and sun meant no pain
In our struggle to develop this nation
Where a decent rest we searched
In every corner but found none
Where rooms were not bigger than
modern washrooms of todays elites
When bonuses escaped our hands
Though the task was done
When a true picture seldom received by the inspectors
Where over-tasking and abuse continued by the overseers
Where literacy was beyond our reach
And court system beyond comprehension
In that harsh social environment and political climate
We toiled for you all to reap the fruits
In what is today a land of uncertainty for our children



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