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Photos from the 'Girmit Divas' Opening Ceremonies in May in Nadi. Kindly supplied by Mr. Krishna Jetty who also wrote: "...You will note that Mr Chandar Bhan Pande (USA) was the Chief Guest. Bechu Prasad was hijacked and taken to Ba earleir in the morning. Sadly this was one of the many attemots to sabotage the Girmit Divas...

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The Girmit Divas banner at Price CharlesPark Nadi.jpg (76628 bytes)
The Girmit Divas banner at Prince Charles Park, Nadi


parade_thru_nadi_town_8may2004.jpg (69698 bytes)
Parade through Nadi Town on 8 May 2004


st_thomas_high_school_band_in_the_march_thru_nadi_town.jpg (82733 bytes)
St. Thomas High School Band during the march through Nadi Town


namaka_public_school_marching_girls.jpg (84314 bytes)
Namaka Public School marching girls


march_thru nadi_town_led_by_shahenai.jpg (77225 bytes)
March through Nadi town led by Shahenai


shenai_group.jpg (87143 bytes)
Sahenai group


gajendra_kumaran_with_his_sahenai.jpg (80842 bytes)
Gajendra Kumaran with his Sahenai


girmit_divas_chairperson_mr_bijai_prasad_introducing_chief_guest.jpg (62905 bytes)
Girmit Divas Chairperson, Mr. Bijai Prasad, introducing the Chief Guest


vaisahli_nair_garlanding_chief _guest_mr_pPande.jpg (64863 bytes)
Vaisahli Nair garlanding the Chief Guest, Mr. Pande


chiefguest_mr_chandar_bhan_pande.jpg (53674 bytes)
Chief Guest, Mr. Chandar Bhan Pande


students_of_namaka_public_performing_on_stage.jpg (60335 bytes)
Students of Namaka Public School performing on stage


deepshika&ashni_performing_the_welcome_dance.jpg (68247 bytes)
Deepshika & Ashni performing the welcome dance


rajeev_kumar_recting_his_poem.jpg (64794 bytes)
Rajeev Kumar reciting his poem


krishna_muthu_ccollecting_his_girmitiya_quiz_prize.jpg (66627 bytes)
Krishna Muthu ccollecting his Girmitiya quiz prize


avashni_kumar_collecting_her_girmitiya_quiz_prize_from_krishna_chetty_drector_girmitdivas.jpg (72725 bytes)
Aavashni Kumar collecting her Girmitiya quiz prize from Mr. Krishna Chetty, Director Girmit Divas