Fiji-Australia Club Inc based in Queensland

Fiji- Australia Club Inc and International Congress Of Fiji Indians Present 

Girmit Nite - 15 May 2004

7:00pm Dance (Deshna Karan

7:10pm Ambika Nand and His Party

7.30pm Fiji"s National Anthem, 
Australia"s National Anthem
President of Fiji-Australia Club - Mrs. Usha Kashyap

7.40pm Dance - Bharat Natiyam ( By Dr Parvaati)

7.50pm President of ICFI (Dr Krishna)
Introduction of Chief Guest
Garland Chief Guest when he comes on stage

8:00pm Chief Guest Speaks

8:30pm Eldy Group (Eric Trieu)

8:35pm Australian Born Fiji Indian's Perspective of Girmit

8.40pm Folk Dance

8.50pm Ambika Nand and his Party

9:15pm Vote of Thanks (Sangeet Chand)

9:20pm Raffle Draw

9.30pm Victor Group

11:00pm Close