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Ad in Fiji Times of 6 May 2004

Chronology of correspondence with Fiji Girmit Council

We are rather disappointed with the uncooperative attitude of this organisation. But we let you, the visitor, judge for yourself.

On 26 March, a member of the Fijigirmit.org organising committee wrote to the Fiji Girmit Council the following letter:

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On 30th March they wrote back to us

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On 24th April we wrote to them the following in an e-mail:

The Chairman
Fiji Girmit Council

24 April 2004

Schedule of Fiji Girmit celebrations

Dear Sir,

Is your organisation planning events to commemorate the arrival of the first indentured labourers from India to Fiji? If yes, we herewith invite you to submit the schedule so that it can be incorporated into our memorial site - www.fijigirmit.org.

Any other information from your side (e.g. welcome message) may well be welcomed by both the local and international audience.

For further questions contact undersigned.

Best regards

Daniel Zender
for the Fijigirmit.org project committee

This was their answer by e-mail on 27 April 2004

Please note that all programmes of the Fiji Girmit Council is publicly announced in the newspapers via news released and paid advertisements.

Thanks for your interest.

Fiji Girmit Council